The frontrunner suffers from a big issues in his toes that will be near to demise


Summoned of the an urgent distress require medical help, the brand new USS Enterprise getting party consisting of Kirk, Spock, and you will McCoy see a group of aliens whom supposedly model their community on the instruction out-of Plato. Alexander, a slave to your Platonians, privately implies so you’re able to Philana that they should not kill the Agency getting people, simply because are attempting to rescue their chief, Parmen. Just before he is able to finish their phrase, Philana telekinetically helps make your bite their give.

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Kirk, Spock, and McCoy get the Platonians’ effective psychokinetic results, since the man’s delirium enjoys unlawful effects into their landscape. Various other Platonian trait try significant longevity, including frail actual immune protection system relatively because of the stress towards mental expertise. Some tips about what triggered their effective leader to get very insecure from what should have been a small treatable burns off.

The consequence of a keen size eugenics opportunity on the domestic globe, “Plato’s stepchildren” had fled in order to Environment from the time of the ancient greek language philosopher Plato whenever their superstar, Sahndara, ran supernova. Once Plato’s passing it mainly based a beneficial republic centered on their thinking, where 38 population real time a lifetime of hushed contemplation and you can notice-dependence.

A straightforward cut-in the new toes had build a not known infection which brought about Parmen to have a temperature and get rid of control over his powers. Chairs was thrown to and the Corporation is shaken from inside the orbit, if you are Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Alexander duck and hide on the traveling things. “Interesting. I think our company is exceptional psychokinetic symptoms off Parmen’s delirium”, Spock notes. Philana, Parmen’s girlfriend, could possibly distract Parmen for enough time for McCoy in order to sedate him with a beneficial hypospray, stop the in pretty bad shape. Afterwards, Dr. McCoy’s treatments for Parmen is useful and getting class makes to go away globally. not, the fresh new Enterprise is actually suspended; Scott reports there are zero useful transporters, routing otherwise subspace telecommunications that have Starfleet. Captain Kirk barges for the Parmen’s chamber, and you may Parmen strips Kirk out-of his phaser and you may informs your one to guests have to admit his supremacy. For the an enthusiastic allusion into Greek most readily useful of invitees-friend, Kirk retorts: “Invitees? You don’t understand meaning of the word. Site visitors aren’t managed particularly well-known prisoners.” Parmen uses their psychokinetic energies to force Kirk so you’re able to slap themselves regarding face many times.

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After the ordeal with Kirk smacking himself up to, he, Spock, and McCoy was back into its invitees chamber, seeking to contact the newest Corporation along with his communicator to no get. The fresh Platonians summon them and you will appear thankful for McCoy’s help. They give the newest landing cluster with version of merchandise: the brand new secure away from Pericles having Kirk, a good kithara to own Spock, and you may a collection of Greek remedies authored by Hippocrates themselves having McCoy. Parmen is attractive for Kirk’s forgiveness. He states he will release the newest vessel, but the guy wishes McCoy to stay in the world.

McCoy declines and Parmen claims he will not declined. Kirk says he don’t envision themselves an excellent descendant regarding Plato. Spock highlights, “Plato wanted truth and you can charm and you will first of all, justice.” Parmen claims one to theirs is considered the most democratic society that previously is actually – instead of the Federation, which uses weapons and fleets from starships in order to impose justice, the Platonians make use of the power of the mind. He states he would like to persuade Kirk and you can Spock to go away soundly so as never to distressed McCoy.

Parmen uses his rational energies to help you frighten and humiliate Kirk and you may Spock on the conformity. Basic, the guy makes them sing a song and dance a good jig. Kirk tells McCoy that he’s maybe not probably assist him remain at the rear of and you can Parmen produces Kirk repeat particular contours of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet LVII: “Getting your own servant just what ought i carry out but are most likely | Upon the new times, and you may days of the attract? | I’ve no time at all to invest; | Neither solution[s] accomplish, ’til your …”. Parmen produces Spock moving more immediately after which forces him so you can make fun of and shout, torturing their Vulcan psychology because of the pushing serious feelings, particularly hearty laughter and you may a beneficial cry away from your. Kirk was obligated to get down to your his give and you may knee joints and you will neigh and you will trot such as a pony and you will Alexander are forced in order to ride to your Kirk’s back