financial ratios list

Determining individual financial ratios per period and following the adjustment of their values over the long run is done to recognize patterns that might be created in an organization. Investors use average inventory since a company’s inventory can increase or decrease throughout the year as demand ebbs and flows. As an example, if a company has a cost of goods sold equal to $1 million and average inventory of $500,000, its inventory turnover ratio is 2. Investors typically favor a higher ratio as it shows that the company may be better at using its assets to generate income.

financial ratios list

Thailand improves parity in enrolment in secondary education while Cambodia improves on literacy rate and enrolment in primary and tertiary education. Educational Attainment is the subindex with the second-highest global parity score, with only 4.8% of the gender gap left to close. When looking at the subset of 145 countries included in both 2022 and 2023, the number of economies with full gender parity in Educational Attainment has increased from 21 to 25. Similar to last year, Afghanistan is the only country where the educational gender parity score is below the 50% mark, at 48.2%. Cross-country disparities are more pronounced in terms of the gender gap in senior, managerial and legislative roles, which globally stands at 42.9%. Ten countries assessed this year – six of which located in Sub-Saharan Africa – report parity on this indicator.

Coverage Ratios

Overall, Iceland, Norway and Finland have the highest score on the Political Empowerment subindex, while Romania, Cyprus and Hungary are at the bottom of the table. Led by Estonia, Slovenia and Latvia, 15 out of 35 countries have had at least a 1 percentage-point improvement while 13 countries have seen at least 1 percentage-point decline. For Viet Nam, Azerbaijan, India and China, the relatively low overall rankings on the Health and Survival subindex is explained by skewed sex ratios at birth.

financial ratios list

Labour-force participation parity is at 72.7% and women earn 66.1% of men’s estimated earned income. Only 25.4% of senior officers and 34.3% of technical positions are held by women. Ranked 8th is Namibia, the highest-ranking Sub-Saharan African country in this edition, which has attained 80.2% gender parity, a 0.5 percentage-point decline since the last edition. Namibia has achieved full parity on both the Health and Survival and Educational Attainment subindexes, although their absolute levels of attainment are low for both women and men. With 56% of technical workers and 43.6% of senior officers being women, Economic Participation and Opportunity is at 78.4% parity and is ranked 19th globally.

Market Prospect Ratios

Recording a higher profitability ratio than in the previous financial year’s reporting shows that the business is improving financially. Dividend payout ratio can tell you how much of a company’s net income it pays out to investors as dividends during a specific time period. It’s the balance between the profits passed on to shareholders as dividends and the profits the company keeps. Interest-coverage ratio is a financial ratio that can tell you whether a company is able to pay interest on its debt obligations on time. Say a company has $500,000 in net sales and $50,000 in average total assets. Their asset turnover ratio is 10, meaning every dollar in assets generates $10 in sales.

With a parity of 64.7% (125th), it has slipped 0.25 percentage points compared to the previous editions and now stands nine positions lower in the rankings. Japan’s parity in Political Empowerment at 5.7% is one of the lowest in the world (ranking 138th). Ten percent of its parliamentary positions and 8.3% of ministerial positions are held by women, while there has not been any female head Law Firm Bookkeeping and Accounting: A Completed Guide 2022 of state. There is almost full parity on both the Educational Attainment and Health and Survival subindexes. There has been 1.1% improvement in parity at estimated earned income since the last edition; 54.2% of women are in the labour force and 12.9% of senior officers are women. Japan’s Economic Participation and Opportunity parity is at 56.1% and ranks 123rd out of 146 countries.

Financial ratio

Market ratios measure investor response to owning a company’s stock and also the cost of issuing stock. These are concerned with the return on investment for shareholders, and with the relationship between return and the value of an investment in company’s shares. One of the purposes of financial ratio analysis is to compare an organization’s financial performance with comparable firms in the sector to grasp the organization’s situation on the lookout. Financial ratios are made with the utilization of mathematical qualities taken from budget reports to acquire significant data about an organization. As tools of financial analysis, these numerical metrics offer profound insights into a company’s profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and solvency. Learning the basics of key financial ratios can be a huge help when constructing a stock portfolio.

financial ratios list